Boutique Guitar Showcase


“We’ve been a proud supporter of the growing Boutique Guitar Showcase since its inception. Jamie and his team attract the best in the business and execute their events and programs with an industry leading high standard of quality and professionalism. Partnerships of this kind are hard to come by and we are honored.” – Chris Griffiths, CSO. D’Addario & Co.

CLIENT : Global boutique guitar market

Project brief : 2017

Conceive and design a concept that helps artisanal guitar makers, boutique retailers and their customers engage with valuable and incredibly rare unique, world-class guitars on a global scale.

2017 to present

Curate collections of unique, world-class guitars that contribute to the conversation of the guitar, and tour 25+ cities in more than 11 countries annually, by partnering with the world’s top boutique retailers and musical instrument industry sponsors.

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

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Primary Typeface

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Secondary typeface

Conceived and developed a variety of marketing assets for use in brochure, banners, price tags, magazines, website, and more.

Marketing Assets

Conceived and executed photo shoot for all marketing images.

*All photos by Jamie Gale

Photo assets development

Developed website :